Misti’s Story

In the late summer of 2016, Misti Harrelson was being held hostage in a motel room in East Oakland by her boyfriend. Misti, a 6’1” former college basketball player never imagined that her life would come down to this. The abuse she had endured for years had left her broken – physically and mentally. Somehow, she’d become accustomed to living in fear. Wondering not if, but when the next blow would come. Only now, she was fearing the worst – that her boyfriend who swept her off her feet 10 years ago, with flowers and homecooked dinners, was contemplating killing her. Following the events of this tragic episode in her life, Misti found the strength to overcome the abuse and rebuild her life at the Family Justice Center in Oakland, California. The Family Justice Center, located in Alameda County, was one of the first of its kind in the country. A place where victims of violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, and human trafficking can access services from over 30 different organizations to get the help they need to recover.

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